What’s not to love about personalised wrapping paper?

I love all things stationery, cards and wrapping paper…shhh! don’t tell anyone, but I have a whole drawer full of gift wrap, cards and post-it notes of various colours, shapes and designs! So, can you imagine how excited I was to be able to have the opportunity to review some personalised wrapping paper from Pretty Gifted.

This was going to be a fun review or so I thought! However, I needed to make decisions, I needed to narrow too many combinations into one final choice.  If you ask anyone who knows me, I am terrible at making decisions!  But, it was fun designing!

So, let me put you in the picture: there are 6 colours of wrapping paper to choose from, a choice of 5 fonts, you choose one of the 5 foils that your personalised wording will be printed in, you also pick one of 3 font sizes and then you finally pick one of 11 icons to separate your chosen wording (or no icon, if you prefer!).  You get to see a preview of your design and this is where you will play with different combinations for ages!  Well, you will if you are like me and the inner perfectionist comes out to play! It was so hard to choose and even when I placed my order…I was doubting whether I made the right choice!

I loved designing my Pretty Gifted wrapping paper, Ok, so it’s a luxury sheet of personalised wrapping paper coming in at £7.95 per sheet, and this comes with a free luxury gift tag and gel pen; But, for those special birthdays and occasions it adds that extra little sprinkle of thoughtfulness and glam!

I love that my personalised wrapping paper arrived in an oversized toblerone looking packaging, which is immediately exciting and also did you know that you can now buy a 4.5kg toblerone? Sorry, I digress!  So when I opened up the packaging, the personalised wrapping paper was lovely with no creases in it.  There is nothing worse than buying lovely wrapping paper whilst out shopping and by the time you get it home, it looks like it has done four rounds of pass the parcel (the perfectionist in me is shuddering at the thought!).

I designed our wrapping paper for a very special person “Nan Nan”, my Mum and Pumpkins Nanny, who will be celebrating her 83rd Birthday this week! As you can see, Nan Nan’s Birthday presents look gorgeous wrapped up in Pretty Gifted’s wrapping paper.  I loved playing around with the colour combo’s and designing my own personalised wrapping paper; would I order from Pretty Gifted again? Without a doubt, I am a big bit in love with their personalised wrapping paper and I think “Nan Nan” does too!

Disclosure: I was gifted the personalised wrapping paper for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.