Linziclip: A New Unique Shape Hair Clip

I used to spend hours straightening my naturally thick and curly hair; just to clip it back up again or tie it up in a pony tail at varying heights! Then, Motherhood happened and so did the “Mum bun”. The Mum bun, has become the go to hair style for me at the moment and I am slowly but surely getting bored of it. Sure, it is quick and easy, it suits most social activities that fill my schedule at the moment: Music Group, Toddler Group, Shopping, Baby Clinic and the occasional coffee etc etc!.

Now, if I am being perfectly honest with you, I miss straightening and styling my hair and it generally looking like I have spent longer than five minutes on it, whilst I have juggled a toddler emptying every cupboard and drawer in my bathroom at the same time!

I was recently asked by Linziclip to test out their new “revolutionary hair clip” and keen to kick start some life back into my hair, I took them up on the opportunity! The Linzip clip is different to the claw clips that we are all used to seeing and buying in bulk (as how many times have the claws broken off or have the springs pinged off just at the crucial moment?!). The Linziclip has an advanced gripping mechanism that allows the hair to be held more securely in place, whilst its unique shape covers the workings of the clip to make it look prettier in your hair. Plus, it provides the added bonus of making it that more comfy when sitting on the sofa, without the claws poking in the back of your head!


It is the unique cylindrical shape that enables Linziclip to be available in a wide range of colours and patterns; there is something for all hair types and colours! Linziclip’s come in three different sizes Mini: 1.75cm, Midi: 3.5cm and Maxi: 8cm. There are 7 different ranges currently available and my favourite is the Tropical, I love the bright pinks, blues and purples!


I have used the traditional claw clips for years and I must admit, I do like the ease and grip of the Linziclip, especially the Mini size. The only issue I foresee with them, is choosing what colour to get! Find out more about Linziclip here!

Disclosure: I was sent this item for the purpose of this review, all views and opinions are my own.