Finally, a hot cup of coffee!

As a reader of my blog, there is a recurrent theme throughout…coffee; I love it!  Whether its my love of a Pumpkin Spiced Latte or moaning that I never get to drink a mug of hot coffee anymore as I am always distracted by the eerie silence that only a toddler up to mischief can make.

I was recently approached by Logic Vending asking if I would like to review some of their coffee…they had me at coffee (yes, it was after a night of less than 4 hours sleep and as we know, I love coffee!). Plus, my lovely coffee maker has been feeling somewhat neglected since Pumpkin was born, as coffee making had become more the case of how quick can you make a drink rather than being a slave to the bean.

As you know, I am now back at work after a Maternity Leave, I must admit I have been struggling a bit with this. I miss the days wth Pumpkin, I am struggling with Baby Brain moments at work and still fighting the urges to burst into impromptu Wiggle songs. However, part of my week is spent working at home, and yes, that means a hot coffee (such a luxury, as parents of young children know!) whilst typing up reports and also nobody can hear me sing “who’s in the wiggle house” whilst typing away the hours until I can pick Pumpkin up from nursery.

Imagine my delight when a bag of Native Coffee beans arrived at my door; it didn’t stay in the packaging for long and was quickly put to the test! There was a tantalising aroma as I opened the packet; I love that initial smell and it’s usually a good sign for me to whether I am going to like it or not!. The blend Logic Vending sent me was the Super Crema, which promises “an intense and complex blend with notes of nut, dark cocoa and tobacco complimented by a creamy mouthful and subtle woodiness”. Well, between you and me, that went a bit over my head and into the realms of wine tasting, what I needed to know was does this coffee taste good, do I want to have another cup and will I want to offer it to family and friends?

So, lets get on to the taste test…I brought out my faithful Kitchen Aid Coffee Machine (I am so sorry for neglecting you), pushed the cafetiere to the side and patiently waited for my coffee to brew. The initial aroma’s were promising, and finally when it was ready I poured myself a large mugful! My initial thoughts were it was a stronger coffee than I would normally opt for, and I needed more milk than I would usually take, but after a few mouthfuls, a comfy chair, sleeping toddler and a wonderful view…it was a nice mug of coffee. The only negative I do have, is that it did leave quite a strong after taste, but a couple of biscuits soon got rid of that!

Since the first taste test, I have had several more cups and I have tweaked the amount of coffee I have brewed, and got my measure of milk just right and it is a good morning wake up coffee for work days, and for when I am sat here writing reports, it certainly has the pick me up effect or perhaps that is just me getting used to “proper coffee” again!

To answer the question, would I offer it to family and friends? yes, and they have had some already and it has had the seal of approval from them too.

Disclosure: I was sent the Coffee for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are my own.