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It was not until I become a Mum myself that I fully appreciated everything that my own Mum has done for me; I don’t think I could ever find the words to sum up what an amazing woman and role model she is or find the perfect gift to show my love or gratitude to her.

I have been putting together gift guide to celebrate ‘Mums’ and when I say ‘Mum’, I say that in the most encompassing sense; as what Mum means to me, and what I strive to be in a Mummy to Pumpkin will be completely different to what it means to you, the reader of this gift guide. I have worked with a range of lovely businesses to find some gifts that may just fit the bill for your mum, to make a fab subtle hint for your partner/children to get for you or why not just treat yourself!

Halia Rose
One of the things I missed the most after having Pumpkin, was wearing jewellery; as soon as Pumpkin see’s anything remotely sparkly around my neck or on my wrist he either grabs it and tries to pull it off or gums it. The first Christmas after I became a Mummy, my fiancé bought me a necklace that had been on my wish list for about 6 years and sadly I haven’t been able to wear it, as Pumpkin would just break it or hurt his gums/now teeth on it.

I wish I knew about Halia rose about a year ago, Pumpkin took his time to cut his teeth and is still cutting them, the poor little mite still has most of his bottom teeth to come through. Halia Rose, makes teething jewellery in cool, vibrant and stylish designs, that both you and your baby/toddler will love! The necklaces (and bracelets) are heat and mound resistant, easily cleaned and best of all you can just pop them in the dishwasher (up to 65C)! How great is that?!! They are BPA free and Halia Rose assure Mum’s that there are no nasties used in their products.

When I put this necklace on, Pumpkin saw it and made an immediate dash for it and when he touched it he said “ooh mama nice” and yes it immediately went to his mouth! It is now its quite a favourite thing to chomp on or twiddle with whilst I am reading his favourite stories.

Pumpkin and I have been putting the Petal Necklace to the test; not only does this necklace come in a variety of lovely vibrant colours, it makes a great everyday necklace and nobody would know its a teething necklace unless you tell them (and they are a Mum/wearing one!).

This would make such a thoughtful Mother’s Day present to a new mum, as its something for both Mum and baby, it’s a great fashion piece, but also doubles up as a way to have cuddles and sensory stimulation for baby (please do not let your little ones play with this unsupervised). Plus, I know I was getting to the point of pulling my hair out with frustration that I couldn’t find anything to relieve my little one’s teething and this would have been perfect, he really loves chomping on it.


Petal Necklace £18.99

Tiba + Marl
I gave up the idea of having a handbag when Pumpkin was born (at least for a couple of years!), I now put everything in his changing bag. Before Pumpkin was born, I spent weeks, deliberating over the perfect changing bag, I needed one that would work with me, when I was in pain with my disability and of course one that fitted all the baby stuff that I would need for every occasion possible for the few hours we would be out and about!

I had almost given up hope, when I stumbled across Tiba + Marl, who make seriously stylish changing bags, for Mums and Dads. I have had my changing bag for 18 months now and completely love it, its comfy, fits everything you need and it’s toddler proof! I love mine and it makes me smile, each time I use it (daily!). The only downside is there are so many gorgeous contemporary designs, that it is so difficult to choose one.  I shall let you into a secret, I love Tiba & Marl changing bags so much, I actually have two!

If you are going to treat the Mum in your life to a new changing bag, I cannot recommend Tiba &. Marl enough, they are just fabulous and it’s the changing bag to be seen with! (Plus they do mini back packs for the little ones too!).


I absolutely love the Elwood Backpack Floral, I now just need to master the skill of reducing the amount of things I tend to fill my changing bag with!

Elwood Backpack Floral £120

Bakerdays, Personalised Letterbox Cake
Imagine, that there was a way that you could personalise a cake and have it sent through the post and it could fit through the letter box…imagine no more…Bakerdays has made this a reality! This is such a cute way to surprise your Mum and letting her know your thinking of her, if you are unable to get to see her on Mother’s day.

The whole ordering process is really rather easy, once you have chosen your cake, personalised it and chosen your delivery date, all you need to do is wait for your mum to let you know her surprise cake has arrived! Ok, so I make it sound really easy – in theory yes it is easy, but when you are as indecisive as me, it isn’t quite so easy when you have a range of lovely cake designs to choose from and then a choice from mouth watering selection of cakes (traditional sponge, rich chocolate chip, lovely lemon drizzle, heavenly red velvet, dairy free sponge, gluten wheat free sponge or fabulous fruit)!

Let me tell you about our cake! I was intrigued to how it would arrive, so when a perfectly shaped package that would fit through most letterboxes arrived, I was keen to open it to see if it was all in one piece! I wasn’t disappointed, inside the box was a little tin of loveliness! I ordered a rich chocolate chip cake, the sponge was light and very chocolately, with a generous layer of icing personalised to my instructions!


I think this is such a great idea, there really is something for everyone on Bakerdays (they also make larger sized cakes too!) I will certainly be using Bakerdays again in the future to be sending cakes to friends, loved ones, or maybe just a treat for my little family!

Letterbox Cakes start from £14.99

Ruth Mary Jewellery
When Ruth approached me with her beautiful range of handcrafted artisan lace jewellery to include in this gift guide, I couldn’t refuse because I loved the way her designs look so intricate and delicate, yet make a statement too.

Ruth is a jeweller and lacemaker, and combines the two to create precious metal lace jewellery; with most designs are available in rose gold, yellow gold vermeil or stirling silver. Ruth’s current range includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings; she also offers a commission service – perfect for a one of a kind piece.

I would really recommend that you spend some time having a look on her website at her beautiful designs and learn more about Ruth herself and her journey to becoming a jeweller and I am sure you too will become inspired to either learn a new skill or at least do some shopping!

I absolutely love this Sakura necklace; I would be one very happy Mum to receive this on Mother’s Day as it is just so pretty!


Personalised Parties – Mother’s Day Gifts
I am a bit of a fan personalised gifts and often treat others to them, and now that I am a Mummy, I am patiently waiting for my personalised “Mummy Mug” to proudly drink my coffee from!

Personalised Parties have got a really lovely range of Mother’s Day gifts, which are designed and printed in the UK! My favourite is the “Best Mum Ever” range, as I love the mother hen & her chick(s) theme! What is really lovely about this range is that on the back of the gift, you can add your own personal message and then you can select the number of chicks to add to represent how many children the gift is from!

There a number of gift options that you can choose from: a mug, tote bag, note book (lined or plain), chocolate bar, a personalised “My Mum book”, and even personalised wrapping paper. So, you can be sure there is something that your Mum will like!

Personalised Parties also have the Mother’s Day “Floral” range too, which can also be personalised with your own messages to your Mum.

This mug, note book and tote bag, are going to be shown off to the max! Let’s hope I get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in my personalised mug though!


Prices range from £4.50 – £19.99

The Mummy Club Subscription Box
The Mummy Club is a subscription box for Mums and Mums to be. It’s packed with various items chosen to give you a little pick me up, and to encourage you to find a little bit of “me” time and to make you smile through those crazy mama-hood days when you feel you are drowning under an ever increasing laundry pile and when you cant remember the last time you had a wee without a toddler staring at you!

For a while, I have been toying with the idea of trying a subscription box, and I love the idea of a gift that arrives each month and was excited to receive a Mummy Club box to review! I think it would make a fabulous gift for a Mum or Mum to be this Mother’s Day.

Each monthly box is different, they are hand-packed with items “that are carefully selected to make you smile alongside a book bringing you tales of honest parenting”. When a gloriously pink box arrived at my door, it was met with a smile and I excitedly opened it – it looks like I am in for a serious evening of pampering (if my little Pumpkin will settle down for a good nights sleep that is!). I was treated to a Face Mask, Salt Soak, Bath Tea, Gourmet Marshmallows and Five go Parenting book! How, lovely is that and what a treat?!


The Mummy Club has a number of options which you can set up as a gift for your mum, or yourself: The Mummy Club Monthly £18 a month, The Mini Mummy Club Monthly £9. Alternatively, you can order a one off Gift Box (link) for either £19 or £10 (Mini Mummy Gift Box). Subscriptions can be cancelled at anytime, there is no minimum contract. Plus, £1 from every box sold is donated to PANDAS (the Foundation supporting parents with pre and post natal mental illness).

Breast cancer care
Breast Cancer Care support the 62,000 women diagnosed with breast cancer every year. This includes telephone support over the phone with a nurse or with someone who has walked the journey they are about to take. They also have online forums, offering peer support, reliable and up to date information and they also offer face to face support groups. Breast Cancer Care’s confidential helpline number is 0808 800 6000.

Breast Cancer Care have an online shop which has some lovely gift ideas, and the best part is that 100% of profits go to Breast Cancer Care!

I particularly like this Vintage Rose Rabbit and Cabbages make up bag, which has been printed exclusively for Breast Cancer Care by Thornback and Peel. It is 100% Cotton with a waterproof lining (nylon) – perfect if you are like me and always putting your make up back away in a rush and never quite putting the lids on things properly!


Priced at £22.00

I hope this gift guide has given you some inspiration for Mother’s day whether this is a present for your mum or yourself!

This will be my second Mother’s Day with Pumpkin and this year we will be sharing it with his Nan-Nan too, as she is such an important lady in our lives. Year by year we are building our own family traditions, how do you celebrate your Mum on Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day xx

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