Returning to work

Yesterday, I returned to work after taking 16 months extended maternity leave to have Pumpkin and to relocate to Somerset.

Returning to work felt huge – my stomach was in knots, I wanted to cry at the thought of leaving Pumpkin at Nursery all day (the longest I have ever left him). This thought alone made my heart and chest physically ache. I know he will have a fabulous time with his new friends, playing with all the new toys and the mud kitchen in the nursery garden. Although in my mind, I still feel so guilty and writing this doesn’t make it feel any easier at the moment, as usually I find writing therapeutic.

I have started a new job, one that I have wanted to do for a long time; this is both exciting and yet it makes me feel vulnerable. Will I live up to their expectations, will I live up to how I portrayed myself at my interviews and will I remember everything? One my little worries is remembering everyone’s names, I admit it, this is something I am absolutely terrible at (sorry!) Luckily, I was given a company structure chart to who is who, so that helped, as long as nobody swap desks for the next month!

Yesterday, I started to regain part of my own identity again and not just being Pumpkins Mummy, although, I couldn’t be prouder and think of anything better than being his Mummy. Sometimes, over the past 16 months, I have felt myself get lost in the journey into motherhood, so wrapped up into caring for Pumpkin, that I forgot all about me. Me, the woman who loves baking, painting her nails, singing loudly and out of tune by her self in the car (to anything but the Wiggles!), who has an addiction to buying converse trainers, who is a bit of a coffee snob and loves peanut butter M&Ms.

OK, so I may not get all that back in my first week returning to work, but I will get to drink a hot coffee in peace, have adult conversation without bursting into song about “whose in the Wiggle House” (I will update you later to whether this happens involuntarily or not…), and go to the toilet without a toddler speed emptying all the cupboards in the bathroom! However, I may just order that kilo bag of peanut butter M&Ms to reward myself for surviving the first week!


6 thoughts on “Returning to work

  1. Big Sis says:

    I feel so deeply for you Bee ! Those are all normal feelings right now, but everything will start smoothing out after a while – I am of course the perfect example of that (😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔)!
    As said on the phone (lovely to catch up a little bit at least), you must not feel guilty!! It’s really the best thing for you and Pumpkin. He needs to start discovering the world at large and you to RE-discover it 😉😉. This is all part of life as a family. It’s a fantastic adventure, but needs to go beyond the immediate family unit to be just right – well that’s how I see it at least 😉 keep me posted on job! 😙😙😙

  2. Claire says:

    It’s a massive transition going back to work, for both you and the littles. Can definitely relate to how you’re feeling but we’ll done you on doing it and on thinking about all the little parts of you that you will slowly regain. Good luck Cx

    • Bee says:

      Thank you, it has been difficult as Pumpkin has struggled with the transition. However, I think we are pretty much there now and I am getting used to the routine too, although I can’t wait to pick him up at the end of the day!

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