Pumpkin’s First Hair Cut

For the past few months I have been building up the emotional courage to get Pumpkin’s hair cut for the first time. For some people this is not a big deal, but both myself and my fiancé have put off having Pumpkin’s hair cut for so long, as we love his curly and unruly hair. After all, it matches his cheeky and fun personality, although I do admit he is regularly pushing it out of his eyes, so something needs to be done.

Unfortunately for Pumpkin, he has been blessed with our unruly hair; both myself and my fiancé have naturally curly hair that has a strong objection to any kind of taming. I have lost count of how many pairs of hair straighteners I have gone through over the years that have just given up trying to even straighten a lock of my frizzy curly mad hair. Even GHD’s groan at the sight of my hair and I completely fall for any new hair product that “promises” frizz-free straight hair…yes, well, they certainly haven’t met my hair or even tested the products on hair like mine; which incidentally has got so much worse since having Pumpkin.

What made this decision to get Pumpkin’s hair cut that much harder, is the fact that we are new to the area and we did not have a clue what hairdressers are good with children or if faced with one, would rather poke their own eyes out with their scissors than attempt to cut their hair!. We did go and ask in one locally, and were given the reply “we only cut well behaved children’s hair…that sit still” (I think she caught sight of Pumpkin squirming to get out of the pushchair at that point!); well did that rule us out immediately, for who are we to know if Pumpkin decides that hair cut day is the day that he is going to run riot and not sit still on my lap, or scream at the strange person playing with his hair and making random chit chat with him about stuff that he hasn’t got a care in the world about. Now if they were to chat about Mr Tumble, colours, cats or the flashy lights on his shoes, he would be their best friend for the time it takes to cut his hair.

Additionally, Pumpkin is very sensitive to sounds like hand dryers, hair dryers, and the sounds of shavers/clippers, so I needed to find a small friendly hairdressers that understood the importance for Pumpkin to be booked in at a quiet time. Otherwise, we would need to leave, we would have wasted everyone’s time and most importantly have a distressed little boy who would then refuse for quite some time to go near a hairdressers again.

Whilst we were out exploring the local area, we discovered Broadwindsor Restaurant and Craft Centre, which if you are ever anywhere near please do visit – it has a lovely restaurant which does great cakes and yummy coffee (served with a delicious chunk of fudge on the side). Also, on site is the most delicious artisan bakery called The Wobbly Cottage; which makes sausage rolls to die for, seriously these are the best sausage roll’s I have ever tasted. I had already made a pact with my fiancé that if the hair cut went well, we would congratulate ourselves with a sausage roll each for lunch and likewise, if it was a disaster, we would commiserate with a sausage roll for lunch…are you getting my drift about just how good they are yet. Sorry, I have digressed a bit!

There is also a small hair dressers there called Dimensions Hair Studio, which when I phoned and chatted to them about Pumpkin, they completely understood about the noises that upset him, they asked about his age and what we wanted done and booked an appointment when it was going to be quiet for him to have his first hair cut.

So, last week we went armed with distractions to have Pumpkins hair cut; as promised Pumpkin was the only customer and he loved having the undivided attention of the staff at Dimensions Hair Studio who were awarded with the Pumpkin charm and smiles. Pumpkin wasn’t even aware that he was having his hair cut, I am sure he just thought he was sitting on my lap whilst his Mummy and Daddy were having a lovely chat all about him and moving to Somerset!


I, of course was an absolute emotional wreck about having his hair cut, I didn’t want to loose his adorable baby curls and yes I am one of those mums who requested to keep a curl to put in his keepsake box, I don’t know why really, but there is a little compartment for a lock of hair, so I may as well put one in there!.

The first haircut couldn’t have gone any better, Pumpkin was none the wiser to what was going on, he had fun and enjoyed the attention. I was made to feel relaxed about the whole thing and reassured that all parents feel the same and of course at the end of the haircut, Pumpkin still looked like a toddler and not a big boy! Plus, Pumpkin was an absolute star, I had fears that it would be an experience comparable to when Pumpkin got his first pair of shoes (I often wonder if that sales assistant still works in retail or if she required therapy after meeting him!).

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at Dimensions Hair Studio for making us feel welcome and listening to an over anxious first time mummy; for making Pumpkin’s first haircut a perfect experience. Another great thing that has come out of this, is that I have found a hairdressers for me too, let’s hope my hair doesn’t stress them out too much! I now just have to work out when I can have some “Me time” to go and have it cut.

One thought on “Pumpkin’s First Hair Cut

  1. Big Sis says:

    Lovely reading Bee !! 😉😉 So glad he didn’t come out with the very trendy shaved all around the sides with loads of hair on top look 😂😂😂
    The place you went sounds fantastic – can we go ??!! I could try and keep Pumpkin occupied while you have your hair done ??? 😀😀

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