Art and Crafts With Pumpkin


Up until a month ago, Pumpkin loathed all things to do with Art, crafts and messy play. The moment he glimpsed the table loaded with paint, paper or crayons, he would let out an ear piercing shriek and would grab the paper and screw it up. This would be followed by an almost involuntary movement, as his arms would suddenly sweep left to right like windscreen wipers, sweeping all traces of anything arty or crafty from the table and onto the floor.

I must admit, I felt so disappointed that he didn’t like doing art or crafts, as I loved doing them and couldn’t wait to do them with him. So, what did I do? I tried the non-messy variety; where you squirt paint into a zip-lock bag and it can be squished about with no little fingers getting paint all over them and technically no mess anywhere. What was Pumpkin’s response to this? An ear piercing shriek and the Zip-lock bag being screwed up and thrown across the kitchen.


I decided to leave all things art and craft for a while, and packed away everything. About a month later, on a particularly wet winters day, Pumpkin and I were stuck indoors, and he was drifting from toy to toy and not finding anything particularly interesting to play with. So, I decided…no, let me rephrase that, I seized the moment to get some paper, pens and stickers out. This was greeted by one very curious little boy and lots of ooo’s, aaah’s and ooh mamma’s! This was responded by a happy little dance in the kitchen by me!

The paper, pens and stickers were a success, so much so, that Pumpkin asked for more “Paper and sticks” that I took advantage of only having Christmas themed stickers and started making some christmas cards too!


Pumpkin’s growing love for art’s and crafts has enabled him to make Christmas and thank you card’s for our family. We are now at a place, where a day doesn’t go by without Pumpkin asking for his “Paper and sticks”, although Pumpkin now loves to stick his stickers in all sorts of places! Yesterday, I found a unicorn sticker on my bum, this was six hours after we had done sticking and after a trip to the supermarket!

Over the next few weeks and months, I will be adding lots more to our art box and I am excited to see Pumpkin get stuck in with as much confidence and as many belly laughs as he has done so far! I just wish he was as enthusiastic about the clearing up afterwards or washing the paint off himself…cue another ear piercing shriek and more sharing of his art work by me!



One thought on “Art and Crafts With Pumpkin

  1. Big Sis says:

    Hello Bee! So glad to hear Pumpkin’s inner artist is finally coming out 😉! Many thanks for the footprint Christmas cards – they were a great idea!
    Here’s wishing you many hours of happy arty fun together 😀! As for the cleaning up bit … hmmm well, our mathematical experience on that one has I’m afraid always been: Cleaning + boy = 0 🙈🙈🙈😂 No real surprises there … !!! 💜💜💜

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