A Toddler Friendly Christmas


I can’t quite believe that Christmas is just under a week away, the tree is up, but the stockings are not hung up yet; as I don’t think they could withstand the rigourous testing of pumpkin on a relentless daily basis.

I love Christmas, I love decorating the tree, I have a wonderful box of gorgeous glass, porcelain and other precious handmade decorations that adorn our Christmas tree every year…well they did up until this year; the year of the toddler! This year its all about Pumpkin…well kind of! I have a confession to make, I went and bought some toddler friendly, shatterproof baubles to go on our tree; we decorated it and ended up removing at least the bottom 2 feet of the tree’s worth of decorations, as my mini tree terror had a wonderful time of pulling them off, throwing them across the room, and screaming at the top of his delighted lungs “BAAAAALLLLLLSSSS”. The Christmas tree decorating perfectionist in me died a little that day, I kid you not, that night, after pumpkin had gone to bed, I sat on the sofa, I looked at the tree and declared that I hated the tree and it was horrible (Yes, I had turned into the Mummy Sized Toddler). Please do take into consideration, that I was also suffering with the most terrible PMT on earth and you could have decorated that awful tree with bags of Peanut Butter M&Ms and it would still have been met the same answer.


So, the next day, my long suffering fiancé took pumpkin and myself to our local (ish) garden centre, to get some more decorations to make it more how I wanted it. Yes, you read right – two important things here: how I wanted it and garden centre. So lets break it down, All thoughts of toddler friendly and it being all about Pumpkin, kind of went out of the window for a few minutes and also so did the budget I had set myself….the dream tree would have set me back £££ if I didnt give myself a good reality kick up the backside. Did you see what happened there….yes I got carried away into a little excited Christmas decoration delirium that for a brief second I forgot about the grubby sticky toddler fingers, that would wreck it in 5 minutes flat.

I ooo’ed and ahhh’ed at the gorgeous trees and I did keep my Mummy hat on and kept to the children themed tree (which incidentally was in my favourite Christmas colour theme) and went a little bauble crazy. Luckily, for my bank card, my previous colour theme was the same and so I knew I had some baubles that were shatterproof at home that would go with them, so I didn’t need to buy too many!

So, that evening when Pumpkin, the Christmas Tree Destroyer went to bed, I removed the silver baubles of gloom, and the inner perfectionist came out to play. Oh, the inner perfectionist had fun, the tree looked all Christmassy and admittedly it does look like the Red and White Christmas Decoration Monster has thrown up all over the tree, but hey it now looks the part and the Mummy Sized Toddler is happy!

When Pumpkin toddled in to the room the following morning, the shout of “ooooooh mummum ooooh” was so worth it” and then the fatal war cry of “BAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLSSSS” echoed through our home shortly afterwards. I spent the next few days telling him no, removing the balls from his chubby little vice like grip and putting them back on the tree, or putting all the stolen balls into a bowl and then putting them back on the tree at the end of the day. I have also and also tried ignoring him and watched as the Christmas Tree was dragged across the floor (thanks for that nugget of advice Dear Google our friendship is on the rocks). Now, I have relaxed/admitted defeat: it’s Christmas, why get stressed out about it, its the first Christmas that Pumpkin is aware that something big is happening, but yet he doesnt really know what. He is into everything, he wants to be part of everything and if that is decorating the tree with Megabloks and Little People so be it and do you know what….his way is better than mine (well, maybe!)


4 thoughts on “A Toddler Friendly Christmas

  1. Big Sis says:

    Ah Bee … this had me crying with laughter I have to say !! 😂 I wonder if your neighbours can hear him shouting “balls” all the time 🤔🤔
    You guys all have a fantastic time around your wonderful whacky Mummy deco / Pumpkin deco tree 😀 for this first Christmas when he’s big enough to twig that something is going on – enjoy the looks of wonderment (is that a word?! 😆) on his face with all his prezzies and everything else! Those moments are so magical!
    So sad not to be there to share that with you 😓 but am counting down to next April 😀😀😘😘😘😘

  2. Bee says:

    They can probably hear both “BAAAALLLLLLSSSS” & “NO” several times between the hours of 6.30am through till 6.45pm!!

    It’s such a shame we won’t get the chance to catch up over Christmas, but knowing you are with “Nan Nan” is just as good ❤️❤️❤️

    Lots of love to you all 😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Em says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve tagged you in my latest post about participating in The Mystery Blogger Award!

    -Em xo

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