The Lupie Mummy Is One Year Old!


Can you believe it has been a year since I started my blog?  Which also means Pumpkin’s 2nd birthday is also fast approaching…where has this year gone?  I will be the first person to admit that I haven’t been as committed to my blog as I originally intended, and I can give you several reasons why, but the main being “life”.  

As I just wrote above with surprise in my tone, a year has passed, so much has happened in those 12 months and I wanted to pause every now and again to enjoy, experience, reflect and rest during those months.  That also meant that things got put on hold, such as my blog for a few weeks or months at a time or my Social Work career that has been put on hold until further notice.

In the last year, we packed up our home in Kent and moved to Somerset, which has been such an exciting move, at times challenging and most of all wonderful to see how much Pumpkin has thrived in his new environment.  We have spent a lot of our spare time exploring the Somerset Countryside and popping over into Dorset and Devon to go to our favourite beaches for an ice cream!  Each time when my favourite “West Country” spots come up on my Social Media feeds, a little excitement builds inside of me, as I know that we can go and visit them whenever we want to or even that very day, instead of having to wait for our next holiday!  It had been a dream of mine for more years than I can remember to move to the West Country and I feel very lucky to have made that a reality.  We are still finding our feet, finding places to go and alternative places to visit when the tourist season arrives, as it can get too busy and overwhelming for a little toddler. 

Pumpkin is fast approaching two years old, he has got the most amazing sense of humour and loves nothing more than performing his favourite songs or dancing along to his favourite songs when they come on the radio!  We have booked him a trial toddler dance class for this term, as he loves to dance so much and the best thing of all, I get to join in too, so we both get to have lots of fun and can practice our dancing at home too!

Oooh yes, did you know that I got married? Yes, we sneakily got married this year!  We only wanted something very very small and when I say small, I mean a total of 9 guests, who were immediate family and witnesses at the wedding and then back to our home for bubbly and cake, and then “bubbles” in the garden for Pumpkin and a few photos!  It was a really lovely afternoon and Pumpkin loved being the star of the show and loved every moment, as did we!

My health hasn’t been too great over the last year, it got to the point where I had to put me first.  Which I found very difficult, as initially it felt like I was giving up, when in actual fact I was just enabling myself to have a better quality of life and make a start on getting myself in a better place physically.  If you are new to my blog, you will soon get to know that I have Lupus (SLE) and I also have Fibromyalgia, which means I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue pretty much all the time, but ironically usually look well on the outside (that is a pretty basic description, but sums up how I am feeling today!).  It was a very difficult decision to leave my career, but the benefits of being a stay at home mum definitely outweighs any doubts I had.  If I need to have a restful day, I can do.  I can plan our daily/weekly activities around rest and quieter activities, and most of all Pumpkin doesn’t even know a thing, apart from he has his mummy at home now and he is a happier boy for not being in nursery. 

I am thinking a lot about where to go next with my blog, I know what I would like to do and that is a lot more than what I can realistically can commit to at this time, so I need to set that as a longer term plan.  However, as a shorter term plan, I need to create a balance with writing, my health and most importantly my family.  I try to set time aside in the evenings to write and sometimes that doesn’t always happen, as Pumpkin may not settle down to bed until 8.00pm, especially, if he has had a really exciting day or is teething.  This in turn, finds me feeling exhausted by the time I actually get to sit down and as you can imagine all I actually want to do is sit down and enjoy some time catching up with my husband and watching TV.  Unfortunately, this is what has happened pretty much most evenings over the last few months, as I have just needed to put my feet up, relax and put the writing off for yet another day.

What I need to do is just chill out about my blog and focus upon enjoying writing; write about what we enjoy as a family and not what I think is expected of a parent blogger to write about!  Most of all, I need to learn to just embrace the fact that sometimes life will be more important and time will be better spent watching a new boxset, building gigantic towers out of Megabloks and exploring the nature reserve behind our home.

Well, here’s to The Lupie Mummy’s first Birthday! One thing is for sure, I am going to enjoy a big bar of chocolate tonight to celebrate! I hope you will stick with me as I embark upon another year journaling the ups and downs of being a mum with a disability and our family life in the West Country.

The Lupie Mummy xx

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