Somerset: Six Months Later

Can you believe it has been six months since we moved from Kent to Somerset? So much has happened since then, but yet, it feels like only yesterday we were packing our lives up into the back of a removal truck to start a new life in the West Country.

We have watched the seasons change from the wonderful view we have from our front room, which overlooks the South Somerset hills and over into the Dorset countryside; we can watch as the the rain clouds close in on us, as the snow drifts over the fields and best of all we enjoy spectacular sunrises and sunsets.


As a family, we have taken the decision that I will be a stay at home Mum for the time being with Pumpkin. Despite a structured settling in period, nursery just didn’t work for Pumpkin, it made him increasingly unhappy and that needed to change. So, Pumpkin and I are at home together and we are having a wonderful time. There are some lovely parks locally which we love to explore and play in, we attend a fantastic music group each week called Moo Music, which Pumpkin absolutely adores (so much so, that we have the CD on repeatedly in the car, so long Foo Fighters, it was great whilst it lasted!), we love going for walks along our local beaches, doing lots of messy play, baking, puzzles, building bricks and we are rocking it on our xylophones! The only downside, is tidying up at the end of the day!


As a family, we have been enjoying exploring the local area, which of course has included visits to some rather lovely farm shops and their cafes too! It will come as no surprise that we have spent many weekends at West Bay (AKA Broadchurch) enjoying a lovely family walk along the sea front, I still have to pinch myself that less than a year ago, I was there on holiday and now I live just thirty minutes away! I have also been been finding my feet with where to go shopping and excuse the pun, but we are luckily enough to live near the Clarks Village, which was the UK’s first Outlet Centre and home to Clark’s Shoes Head Office and Factory; this is really handy for Pumpkin, who has feet that seem to grow over night, as we can buy his shoes at a much more reasonable price! If we want a wider selection of shops, we are equal distances from Bath, Bristol and Exeter; so we really are spoilt for choice.

Pumpkin is thriving in his new surroundings, he adores the countryside and having so much space in our new home. In the past six months, he has found his voice, his feet, his own thoughts, ideas and the most wonderful little personality continues to blossom. To be completely honest, I think we all our thriving in our new surroundings, we spending much more time outdoors, we are more aware of ourselves and when we need to slow down too.

Since living in Somerset, my fiancé’s job has enabled us as a family to be able to eat breakfast and dinner together every day during the week, this was unheard of before! We love being able to eat as a family; we are hoping this will gradually encourage Pumpkin to find his love of food again, or at least his love of vegetables and any food group that doesn’t fall into the categories of “Birdseye” or “Bolognese”!. Being home from work earlier, also means, that Dad gets to muck in with bath time, so this ensures that everyday, Pumpkin and Dad get their own time together too!

Of course, relocating does come with it’s downside; although we are only an additional hour drive away from my mum than we were before, it just feels that much further. We still continue to talk on the phone as many times as we usually do and I see my mum probably just as much as I did before and Pumpkin loves going to see his “Nanna” and having to her to stay with us too.

I miss having my friends local, who I can call up and have go for a coffee with and know that they will have a solution to what ever dilemma is going through my head or help me work through it over a good flat white and wedge of cake!


However, I know in my heart that we have made the right decision in taking a leap into the unknown and moving to Somerset. We made some lovely friends and memories in Margate, my childhood was spent in Kent and of course my family are still there; so I know that there will be lots of visits back there and it will continue to be part of our lives. Sometimes, you just have to grasp the now or never moments and run with wherever it takes you. Yes, it can be a challenge, but when you think about it, life can throw challenges at you wherever you may be, so it might as well be somewhere you have dreamt of being for more years than you care to admit to!

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  1. Big Sis says:

    Tears in my eyes reading this – but happy ones for you all of course !! Absolutely no doubt about it – this is THE thing you needed to do for you and the family and I’m thrilled for you how it’s working out. Can’t wait to come and see you – only 3 weeks now 😀😀😀😘😘😘😘

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