I needed a break

When I started my blog, I soon became addicted to writing about life with my family here in the West Country and before I knew it, I was spending nearly every spare moment I had either writing or on social media trying to keep up with the other brilliant bloggers out there.  My blog began to make me feel a little bit lost and inadequate in the world of parenting bloggers and to be brutally honest, I lost my direction and oomph for writing; so I took a break from it all.

For a while, I was close to closing my blog and pretending it never happened, but deep down I knew it was something that I loved and to stop doing it, well, it seemed a little bit silly and made me question what happened to my stubborn streak!.  After all, It gave me a fire in my belly and a voice that I hoped would somewhere in the world resonate with someone feeling lost in the adventure of parenthood and help them out of a hole or at least bring a smile to their face.  So, I took some time out, I didn’t set myself a time limit; instead, I just made a pact with myself to try not to be so hard upon myself and return to writing when I felt ready. After all a break can be for as long or as short as we want it to be and isn’t it supposed to do us good?!

Lots of things have changed since having a break from writing my blog: I got married (yes, we kept that one quiet!!), my disability has taken a change of direction which has made me re-evaluate some of my life choices and I have had to give up my career. Pumpkin is growing up so much, he has grasps every opportunity with the enthusiasm only a 22 month old has!

We are having a lovely Summer here, spending time in the countryside and down at the beach; Pumpkin loves the beach and being in the sea, although he will only come out of the sea with bribes of chocolate.  Yes, I know it’s not the best parenting tip out there, but that is the harsh realities of parenthood, when your child is having a full meltdown and about to knock you and himself over in the sea and you realise that you left your spare clothes in the hallway at home and you don’t fancy the drive home in wet clothes!

Over the next few months, I will find my love of blogging again, but this time I am doing it for me and without comparing myself to others or trying to live up to expectations of how many blog posts I “should” be doing per week…seriously, you can get bogged down in the “do’s and don’ts of blogging and this is where it becomes a chore not something enjoyable.  

The blogging break is over!

4 thoughts on “I needed a break

  1. Amy - The Rolling Baby says:

    Nice to see you back and congratulations on your marriage. I completely agree with you with the feeling like you should post x posts a week. It puts too much pressure on bloggers and it’s best to write when the mood takes you x

    • Bee says:

      Thank you! It’s good to be back, the break was lovely. I am going to do my best to enjoy blogging now and not make it a chore!x

  2. Big Sis says:

    Glad to see you’re writing again Bee as it is so obvious it is something you do love doing … but of course it should be a pleasure and only when you really want to do it – and definitely not because you feel you must pander to some sort of demanding blogging rules … I shall look forward to reading more about Pumpkin’s antics – as well of course as hearing how you yourself are getting on ! xxx

  3. Bee says:

    Thank you! It feels good to be writing again! There are plenty of Pumpkin Antic’s to share, especially now the terrible two’s are upon us, oh my goodness those tantrums are amazing 😉

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